Rhinestone Dog Tag and ID Tube 🐶

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For 🐶!

Every time I see Mr. Fluffy's rhinestone dog tab around his neck, I feel a sense of peace rush over me knowing that my little guy is always protected with my information close by. And the little ID Tube is perfect to write my name, phone and address on a piece of paper and stick inside with some cash so I can up the chances of a safe return in the event that Mr. Fluffy ever got away. Oh also, it's a quick release little tube so people can access the info quickly, just in case they're scared to get too close to my Mr. Fluffy. 🐕 I can't imagine why!

Note: Dog Tag and ID Tube are sold seperately. Make sure to get both! 😍

Feature: Reflective, Breakaway, Jeweled, Quick Release
Type: ID Tags
Material: Stainless Steel, Rhinestone


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